A Little Introduction



My name is Kimberly Henrickson (that’s me in the picture) and I am a senior Communication major at Texas A&M University. I am currently taking a class here called New Media and Independent Voice where we have to create a political blog. I’m not exactly the most tech savvy human being nor do I brush up on politics often – but I am excited that this class is pushing me to do so. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and come from a family that could talk about politics every moment of the day and still not get enough. Usually I would be the one sitting there at the dinner table messing with the food on my plate and everyone sounded like adults from The Charlie Brown show (whob-bob-wop-wop-woppp). Now when I head home I can actually fit the lingo style. So this blog is basically going to be talking about politicians and how their own political sex scandals have affected their position/term/campaign…etc. I chose this because I am very interested in the potential scandals that politicians have in their lives and what it has done to their family and career. This could mean a scandal by the politician himself, or someone in the family. Also the show Scandal may or may not have sparked my interest in this field (if you haven’t seen the show – DO SO NOW). That’s about all I have for now so stay tuned!


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