Anyone Remember AOL Instant Messenger?

I’m back already…I have to make two posts today for class and have been reading up on all sorts of scandals this morning. It’s game day here in Aggieland and while everyone is getting ready for tailgates…I have my eyes glued to the computer screen catching up on all these political scandals. I really wasn’t expecting there to be THAT many out there but boy was I wrong. Another House of Representatives man caught my eye – Mark Foley. He was a congressman for the 16th district of Florida and was caught in an instant messaging scandal back in 2003. Foley had been sending sexually explicit instant messages to male teens who worked as Capitol Hill pages according to Huffington Post. Current and former pages had come up at the time about the messages on Capitol Hill and Republican Rodney Alexander of Louisiana who sponsored the page had known about the messages but didn’t do anything. Why? Because the parents of the page didn’t want him to do anything according to Washington Post. It wasn’t until later that Alexander found out that there were messages between a 16 year old boy and Mark Foley. This struck up an immediate investigation into Foley. The messages were released and I don’t exactly want to go into details…but ABC News has the full conversation here. This led to Mark Foley resigning from his position and his replacement was Tim Mahoney…who has quite a scandal of his own but we will get into that tomorrow. So far we have seen that a scandal tends to lead to a resignation but this won’t always be the case. Stay tuned!


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