Check the Biceps


Okay so I’m back…and have decided to pick a scandal coming from the politician himself. Now I didn’t want to pick someone like a president right away or someone that makes you all say, “we know this already.” I was looking through some photos of mine from when I went to New York and that set me to look for a politician in New York with some sort of scandal…so here we go. In February of 2011, a married Republican congressman by the name of Christopher Lee was snagged in a scandal with quite a photogenic picture. According to NBC News, the 46 year old congressman had just started his second term representing NY’s 26th district. An ad was posted on craigslist by a 34 year old woman from Maryland asking for pictures of men to prove that not all older men “look like toads” according to Christopher replied to the post with a fully clothed picture of himself saying he was divorced and only 39 years old. The woman struck interest and sent a photo, leaving him to send one back and step it up a level. He sent her the photo on the right – a shirtless muscle-flexing congressman. The woman discontinued the conversation after she found out he was lying about who he was and then forwarded it all to Gawker. Reporters got a hold of this juicy scandal and started to ask Lee all sorts of questions. He deleted his Facebook account but didn’t think about his email. The email he used to respond to the craigslist post was the same email he used for his Facebook. So what happened because of all this? NBC News reported that he officially resigned just within hours of the scandal breaking out. A quote was posted on his congressional page (which is now gone) saying, “I regret the harm that my actions may have caused my family, my staff and my constituents. I deeply and sincerely apologize to them all. I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness.” So his career is done for and he has plenty to work out with the wife. Now I suppose you could just call it, “family business.”


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