Bad Replacement

Howdy everyone! It’s been a beautiful Sunday here in College Station…we won our game yesterday against Ball State and the whole town feels chipper – even the weather! I have settled down for the evening and decided to look into another political scandal. Remember on the last post where I talked about Mark Foley being replaced? Well we’re going to get into that story today. Tim Mahoney, a democratic congressman, filled in the shoes of the scandalous Mark Foley back in 2006. Two years later in October he had come to $121,000 settlement with a former ‘mistress’ who used to be on his staff and had threatened to sew him, according to NY Times. So what happened?  According to TIME, Mahoney started to have an affair with a 50 year old woman by the name of Patricia Allen back in 2006 when he was campaigning. She continued to work for him until he broke things off in 2008. Allen was paid a settlement and given a job with an advertising company to stay quiet about the whole affair in hopes that no sexual harassment lawsuit would come popping up. Clearly that cat didn’t stay in the bag. Keep in mind all of this is happening 3 weeks before re-election. Mahoney didn’t back down in all of this but ended up losing to Tom Rooney that fall. Seems like Florida has a hard time getting a man in office who doesn’t have some sort of skeleton in the closet.


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