Weekly Update

So once a week I am going to usually give you guys an update about my life as a little break from all the political scandals. I’m sitting here with wine in my hand searching through Netflix and realizing I am a senior in college. I have this little piece of gold on my right finger called an Aggie Ring. I have a wonderful family and loving friends. And GOOD LORD my bed is the comfiest thing on the planet. But I have no idea what I am going to do with my future. When reading all of these scandals I always wonder what their original plan was and where they took the wrong step. I don’t believe many people think, “Someday I am going to embezzle money” or “I will have an affair.” I know that life happens. But I hope that my future doesn’t involve some sort of scandal. Is it something we can completely control? Or is it just in the cards for some people to just get really screwed over? Maybe I have just had too much wine already this evening and need to go to bed. But if any of you have shared similar thoughts…or have a completely different viewpoint on our control of the future – let me know. For now I am going to settle into bed and watch Mad Men. Goodnight, readers! 


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