What a Leak

AM_logo_black_and_whiteYep so this is our topic today…not exactly covering a specific politician but this website has had quite a few political figures on it. Ashely Madison is a website where people join to basically have an affair. On purpose. Completely. So…as if this isn’t bad enough – this website was hacked. Back in July of this year a hacking team by the name of The Impact Team got through the Ashley Madison website, getting access to 37 million account holders according to E! News – but this wasn’t the end of it. The Impact Team in August decided to take all those account holders and place their names on a highly encrypted website according to whatstrending.com. At this point many names are on that list of (mostly) men and some have even been released. The list says that there were 44 email addresses on that site with “Whitehouse.gov” as the address according to Washington Examiner. Many other emails were traced to labor departments, Homeland Security, and more. Now many are claiming that this site had fake emails on there and that this is simply identity theft…and given how many men in positions of power were on this site – I hope some were fake! This is an interesting topic that is still developing and I will touch back on it later on…but this could open a very large door into multiple political scandals. Who’s going to resign next? I guess the ball is in The Impact Team’s court.


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