Tap Tap Tap

Today I have a little scandal based upon a SENATOR! Many of my posts so far have been about Representatives so I’m changing things up a little. Back in June of 2007, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport based upon him instigating lewd conduct in a restroom. A police officer who was dressed in plain clothing decided to check out the bathroom where complaints were made about lewd conduct according to Roll Call. The police officer entered a stall and sit down when another man entered and decided to stand directly outside the stall. The police officer said the man peeked into the stall twice and placed his luggage right outside the stall. Craig entered the stall next to the police officer and began to tap his right foot. According to Slate, this means a man wants to engage in lewd conduct. Craig started to move his foot closer to the foot of the police officer and managed to touch his foot a couple times under the stall divider. Craig also swiped his hand under the stall divider. The police officer had enough and placed his badges down on the floor to show Craig who he was and told him he was under arrest. Awkward. Craig was taken into the airport police, interviewed, and basically told the officer that he was being profiled. Okay Craig. In the end – Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct but claims he did it just to handle the matter quickly according to CNN News. Larry Craig decided to step down from office after 33 years because of this case. He repeatedly has said he is “not gay” given that he has a wife and 3 children. It basically became a famous punchline and an action figure was released that Christmas. LOL. Maybe you need to stay out of public bathrooms, Craig.



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