What a Foxe

I honestly spend majority of the time trying to come up with a clever title to each article but sometimes I just want to face palm myself. I tried on this one but ANYWAYS….I am going to throw time back a little and cover an Arkansas congressman by the name of Wilbur Mills. Back in October of 1974, Mills was pulled over with a facial injury and quite a bit of alcohol in his system. The married man wasn’t alone that evening…and no, he wasn’t accompanied by his wife (when on this site is that ever the case). A married woman by the name of Annabel Battistella who also goes by “Fanne Foxe” got out of the car and caused quite the surprise. Foxe threw herself into the Tidal Basin  nearby according to Ark Times. Did I mention she was a stripper? Yeah. That’s a thing. So what happened to his career after this very public tussle? He actually won the election that next month with 60% of the vote according to Zimbio. You think he would maybe learn after such a public oopsie to not continue seeing the stripper….but that also didn’t happen. He continued to keep Foxe around very publicly. He even held a drunken press conference in her DRESSING ROOM. At this point people lost respect and he decided not to run for re-election in 1976. Sometimes it’s best just to avoid chasing the Foxe.


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