Throwback Thursday

Howdy everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted. I have been drowning in multiple things lately but today I am trying to keep my head above water just enough to post a little throwback sex scandal – Alexander Hamilton. This scandal is known to be the first one in the books that really made a difference….way to go, Hamilton. Back in 1791, a married 23 year old woman came into Hamilton’s life by the name of Maria Reynolds. She basically came to him and told him that her husband had abandoned her and she needed help, according to Smithsonian Mag. He went over to her house later to give her money and help out…which led to other things. The affair basically began and James Reylonds (Maria’s husband) found out and figured he could make some profit out of this situation. James wrote a letter to Hamilton saying something along the lines of “give me one thousand dollars and I won’t tell a soul/leave town.” However James didn’t skip town. He continued to blackmail Hamilton with letters requesting money and saying Hamilton owed him. A little bump in the road came along the way for James – landing him in jail for trying to purchase pensions of war soldiers. James called upon Hamilton for money – no response from Hamilton. Obviously James is going to be LIVID and decided to reach out to people like James Monroe and tell them of Hamilton’s dirty affair. Monroe approached Hamilton about the case along with the letters he had written to Maria Reynolds…and Hamilton admitted to the affair. Monroe promised to keep the affair private…but decided to copy the letters between Hamilton and Maria and give them to THOMAS JEFFERSON. Word got out about all of this because multiple people had copies in the end, leading to Hamilton trying to spin this whole thing off as a set-up. These thoughts were published in a book that came out around election time. Why did he do this? He wanted to show people that he did NOT use public funds to pay James Reynolds and that this was just a mistake involving his family values, according to Huffington Post. So how did this effect his political career? He continued to survive in politics by being the US Secretary of the Treasury up until 1975. He also tried to run for presidency in 1802 against Burr and bad blood started to form there. Burr ended up challenging Hamilton to a duel which led to Hamilton’s death in 1804. So the affair was not what caused his political career to screech to a halt….instead it was a feud between two men and was solved by a gun. Apparently that’s how men solved things back then. I know. I still don’t get it.



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