What’s Up With That?

Hey everyone! So I have noticed something in my last couple posts – why haven’t there been any FEMALE politicians who have had sex scandals? Do they exist? Well The New Yorker had the same thought as me. I read this article and it basically says that in general – men are over represented. But what I also love about this article is that it gave me names of females in politics who have had some scandal in their lives. Now when I tried to look up a few of them…only about 1-2 articles came up for each of them. Meanwhile when I check out sex scandals done by male politicians – the internet explodes with articles and word-for-word interactions. So I am going to continue to look up on these female politicians today and I want to ask y’all – can you think of any female politicians right off the bat who have had a sex scandal? If not -why do you think that is the case? Post your thoughts, readers.


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