Caught on Tape

Howdy readers! My last post discussed that scandals done by women in politics don’t nearly get as attention….go figure. Today I AM covering a female politician who was caught in the act of a scandal. Katherine Bryson, state representative in Utah back in 2004 was caught on video tape having an affair with a man in  their son’s condo. So why was the video camera set up there in the first place? Well according to Deseret News, Katherine’s husband, attorney Kay Bryson, set up the camera himself to catch a thief. I guess you could say he caught something else worse than a burglar – an unfaithful wife. Her own husband had held onto the tape as black mail basically since Katherine testified that she was going through domestic abuse with him. So what did it do to her marriage and her political career? Both sunk. Kay and Katherine went through a divorce and Katherine decided not to re-run for election that same year. But you want to know what is most interesting about all of this? When I tried researching Katherine Bryson’s scandal…all the articles were written about her husband not getting charged for it. “Kay Bryson not getting charged” or “Kay Bryson’s wife caught in scandal.” Just wanted to point that out.


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