I’ll Be Back…With an Affair

Okay I need to cover this scandal. Technically most know him as a movie star but he was in fact the governor of California from 2003-2010 – Arnold Schwarzenegger! So I am going to still count this as a political sex scandal. It didn’t directly affect his career since it happened after he retired but it’s Sunday Funday so I am going to cover it anyways. Plus – this scandal stops Schwarzenegger from even thinking of going into politics ever again. Back in 2011, Arnold and wife Marie Shriver went through a divorce. What happened? Arnold admitted to having an affair with a woman. Not just any woman. Mildred Baena, the woman Arnold had an affair with…was their house maid for the last 20 years. No no…it doesn’t stop there. It wasn’t just an affair. Arnold and Baena had a son together all the way back in 1997. This news exploded everywhere. Can you imagine realizing your significant other was having an affair with a woman who came to your house every other day and felt like family for the last 20 years? Someone who helped you with your own children? It’s insane. The accusations of Arnold groping women used to seem foolish but now? Not so much according to Telegraph. Here is a picture of his son – Joseph Baena. I guess Arnold won’t be back…in politics.



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