Weekly Update

My life is FINALLY slowing back down praise the freaking Lord. I know it’s going to flare back up again in about a couple days but right now I just am gonna enjoy my happy place – bed. To be hones though I am still curious as heck about how many women in politics have been through sex scandals and am going to continue to research that/get opinions from others. But I actually want to look into international political sex scandals this week. I am curious to see how many have happened in other countries compared to ours. Granted…I am pretty sure the US has other countries beat but that is something I will try and find out. So can any of you think of an international political sex scandal off the top of your head? My brain may just be fuzzy right now but I can’t think of any. Send me your thoughts and I stay tuned for this week! My roommate is knocking on my door to help her with a burning bag of popcorn…I guess I will help. Ugh. giphy


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