Political Sex Scandal – The General Poll

Howdy everyone! This week you are going to see me have discussed a couple of polls I have created in the last couple of weeks. There have been a couple times where I have asked you readers to answer some questions and I have finally formed together some polls for these questions on Survey Monkey. This first poll consists of 11 college students aged from 18-24 that includes 5 guys/6 girls. So I wanted to bring up the topic of what the most popular or known political sex scandal is with people around my own age. I wanted to leave the question open ended so they wouldn’t be influenced by anything – so the first question was, “Who is the first person you think of when I say, ‘political sex scandal?’” Can you guess the answer? Every single response was related to “Bill Clinton.”

downloaddownload (1)The answers could have been different if I have broadened my poll sample a little bit in the age difference but with my current generation – Bill Clinton is the first political sex scandal to come to mind. The next question I asked was, “Why do you think this political sex scandal is so recognizable?” So this question for everyone was being asked in regards to Bill Clinton at this point. I got some interesting responses to this question listed below.

question 2

question 2 2

Okay so I got a bit of “duh” responses to this question as well as some funny responses…but the obvious answer that was said was that he was the President. I was curious to see what other reasoning people had behind remembering a specific political sex scandal and a 21 year old female by the name of Daniela actually had a pretty interesting response. “Happened in early 90s, social media was really taking off, especially in regards to the personal lives of public figures.” This was the unique kind of answer I was looking for in asking this question. The 90s was a time where there was a spike in social media and unfortunately for Clinton…his affair fell right into this time period. Social media can take any sort of message and move it across the world in less than a second. There is a lot of power there in social media and this spike has led to a lot of my generation noticing and remembering this particular political sex scandal.  The last question I asked on the poll was, “If a politician has a sex scandal – what do you think it does to their career?” I asked this question because I wanted to see how this poll group viewed a politician who has had a sex scandal – does it ruin their career? Does it have no effect? Here are the answers I got below.

question 3question 3 3

Majority of the answers to this question come to a conclusion that the political sex scandal will not be good for the politician’s reputation, level of trust, or future career. One person did however hint that it may increase the popularity of the person to the public. But would that be good publicity or bad publicity? Probably bad publicity. I am going to get more into if media can portray a political sex scandal in a positive light with an interview coming up on Sunday. In conclusion to all of this – I found the answers I wanted to find and discuss. Growing up I have always thought of Bill Clinton as the most popular political sex scandal. I have avoided discussing his scandal because I want to save a whole week later down the road for his scandal. I got a variety of answers in regards to why they think that political sex scandal was so well remembered – but the obvious answer came down to media and him being the dang President of the United States of America. The last question also for the most part agreed with my thoughts on a political sex scandal hurting – if not ending a politician’s career. But that’s about all I have to cover today! Agree or disagree with the post? Want to give your 2 cents on a couple of these questions? Feel free to let me know.

To check out the Survey Monkey site with these polls –  click here.


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