Weekly Update

Howdy everyone! I know that this is a bit of a late posting…but I am wanting to give a bit of a preview to what I will be covering tomorrow. I have been forming one poll together in regards to female politicians and sex scandals. The results will be posted for tomorrow but I would like for you to think of one of the questions I gave my poll participants – can you think of a single female politician with a sex scandal? The next thing I am going to be covering tomorrow is going to be a personal interview with a friend of mine from last year. I will give you more details on her but we are going to be covering how political sex scandals are portrayed in the media. So I want to ask you another question that will be presented in that interview tomorrow – can you think of any political sex scandal that has been spun off to the public with a positive tone? Hang on to those thoughts for tomorrow. Goodnight, readers! And stay tuned.


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