Sunday Special Poll

Happy Sunday, everyone! As promised – today I am covering a poll with a couple of questions regarding a subject I had a while back – female politicians and sex scandals. Whenever I personally think of a political sex scandal – only men come to mind. I wanted to see if others had the same thought process as me – hence the poll. I created a poll on Survey Monkey that was given to 15 college women between the ages of 18-24. I started the poll with a general question about sex scandals in general. The question was, “Who do you believe have more sex scandals in general?” Three answers were given and here are the results.

poll 2

This question actually got a different response than I expected. I assumed that almost all the answers were going to be ‘men’ but it ended up being a close tie between ‘men’ and ‘men and women equally.’ But I actually wanted this turn out because it helps me bring up a bigger point – leading to my next question. “Do male politicians or female politicians have more recognized sex scandals?” Here are the results.

 poll 2 2

Every single person said male politicians. I feel like there are a couple thing that could lead to this but I am going to state one of the reasons. Although females in politics are definitely present, it is a relatively male dominated field. So when it comes to political sex scandals…the males will be more recognized because they are over-represented in politics. I spoke about this a while back as well but remember when I said I tried researching female political sex scandals and only about 2-3 articles came popping up? It’s over-representation of male politicians in media. The last question I brought up was an open response question and I actually only received feedback from 13 people. I asked you all this question yesterday: “Can you think of a female politician with a sex scandal off the top of your head? If so, who?” Here are the results.

Poll 2 22

download (2)

Pretty much everyone said that they could not think of a single female politician who has had a sex scandal. There were however two people that had names that came to mind. One person said characters from the show Scandal (made me laugh) and another person said Nikki Haley. So out of 15 women – only one person could think of a female politician with a political sex scandal on their hands. I wish I had gotten responses from men in this poll but I focused it more on women because I thought maybe a female would be more likely to think of a female politician with some dirt on her hands in the bedroom. That was not the case. So did the polls come out like you thought they would? Have any opinions on the matter or a counter to the data collected? I welcome your thoughts. Stay tuned.

If you want more info on the polls taken from Survey Monkey – click here.


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