We Got Ourselves A Female Politician


Today….I am covering a political sex scandal…over a female politician. It was difficult to find a lot of articles and information on this but I feel the need to cover it since I said I while back I would branch into more female politicians. Cindy Gamrat, a Republican member of the House of Representatives in Michigan had a bit of a bumpy road in 2014-2015. To start things off….she got her position in  November of 2014 along with another Republican representative, Todd Courser. Sparks apparently start to form between the two married representatives. In May of 2015, Gamrat is kicked out of the House Republican Caucus because she was posting stuff on Facebook during this meeting. *facepalm* Then these two had rumors going around that they were having an affair. Well they dug themselves a hole. According to Huffington Post, the two tried to cover things up with a sort of fictional email. So what was the fictional email? Basically Cursor sent out an email to everyone saying he was caught with a male prostitute. So he tried digging himself a different hole so his other hole didn’t look as noticeable. Didn’t work. The two ended up admitting to the fake emails and their affair…leading to a harsh blow to each of their political careers. Courser resigned and shortly after…Gamrat was voted out of her position and both were escorted out. Sometimes covering yourself with a different kind of dirt isn’t always going to do the trick.


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