Weekly Update

I just really want you all to watch this. Remember how a while back I was discussing the difference between political sex scandals in the US vs. in other countries? This video makes some interesting points here. First off one point that was made was that we are currently in a time where sex scandals hardly hurt someone’s political career. I can agree with this – to an extent. Media plays a huge part in this and how the scandal gets portrayed to the public can make a huge difference in how everyone is going to handle it. Another important point made is that the US has TONS of political sex scandals compared to other countries according to Anastasia Churkina, an RT Correspondent. It’s stated that politicians have always had sex scandals but the media just made it more known. Churkina says that political sex scandals are taken very differently in other countries vs. how the US handles them. She says that the American public takes sex scandals in general in a much stricter manner and we become “obsessed” with these stories. Apparently that is funny to Europeans. Okay. I just wanted to get this out in the air for now because I am tired and need to cover one more story for today but please absorb this little video and hopefully I can touch base with this again later.


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