Do the Scandals Matter?

This morning I read an article by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry that discussed how political sex scandals should be recognized. Often in this world, political sex scandals get blown up on social media but according to Gobry, we brush them off because as long as the politician gets the job done politically, it doesn’t matter what they do personally. You all have seen that majority of my blog posts have shown that a political sex scandal typically ends the career of a politician….but not all of them. There are plenty that have continued to keep their position and I hope to cover a few of them in the next couple weeks. But here is what it comes down to – do we disregard the political sex scandals? Gobry says no. He says, “Take it from the Bible or take it from Freud, the personal is the political and vice versa. Our sexuality is a messed-up tangle because we are a messed-up tangle. It’s not at all crazy to think that someone who is a sexual predator is a predator in other ways. It’s not at all crazy to think that someone who has sexual issues has issues, period. In fact, it’s the opposite of crazy.” So basically Gobry is saying if you have a political sex scandal…you probably have some sort of other corrupt problem – they go hand in hand sometimes. I don’t necessarily agree with this. I don’t think a political sex scandal should be brushed off – but I also don’t think it makes a person completely unfit for their position. I also think it just depends on the situation. Just food for thought today.

If you want more info on this article, click here.


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