8 Counts


The face of a man who has a bit of dirt on his hands. Brock Adams, a Democratic senator in 1992 hit a bit of a rough spot that ended up being a fatal hit to his political career. According to Seattle Times, 8 women came out saying they were victims of being drugged and sexually harassed by Brock Adams. Kari Tupper, a former aide and family friend to Adams opened up publicly about this. Zimbio reported her saying, “I was lying on my side facing the wall, and he was trying to turn me around to face him, trying to kiss me. I mean, I didn’t even know who I was in bed with. It was very frightening. I started crying right away. Then when I figured out who it was, it was like, how did this happen? Here I was in bed with him, and I wasn’t going to do that.” You can find more details of the women who also spoke up about being victims on the Seattle Times article – but it’s the same story just about every time. The girl would feel dizzy after having a drink with Adams and then they were sexually harassed or raped. These reportings also go back to almost two decades at the time. So what did this do to Brock Adams political career? You guessed it – he decided not to run for re-election. You can make that sad little puppy dog face somewhere else, Brock. 


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