Not Invited

Okay so this one made me laugh a little…I mean sex scandals are wrong but sometimes I can’t help but laugh at either the stupidity or ridiculousness of the scandal. Wayne Hays, a Democratic congressman from Ohio had hit a very sharp bump in the road of his career in May 1976. According to Washington Post, a woman by the name of Elizabeth Ray spoke up about her 2 year affair with Hays. She said she was hired as a clerk but would get paid 14,000 a year to do sexual favors for Hays. So what makes the story so quirky here? Not only did Hays deny the affair…but he ended his marriage in 1975 and married someone else. Not even Ray, his mistress. He married a secretary of his in the beginning of 1976. But you know what really set off Elizabeth Ray? She didn’t get an invite to the wedding. Zimbio reports her saying, “I was good enough to be his mistress for two years but but not good enough to be invited to his wedding.” So because of this….she blabbed to the press about the affair. Told them everything. This led to Hays making a public apology and resigned in September of 1976. Maybe next time you should oh I dunno….invite your mistress to your wedding. Also please take a minute to see these two put together.




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