Good Read

Okay everyone I just read an article that I really want to share because it’s relevant to this blog. It an article from Huffington Post and you can find it here. It’s written by Jeanne Zaino who brings up a very interesting point about female politicians and political sex scandals – you don’t see many of those. But if you did…what would the reaction be? Zaino says that if female politicians pulled the sex scandals that male politicians did…they would be destroyed. We haven’t really seen this so much in politics and until then – “…we cannot claim to have achieved parity in politics.” Zaino isn’t by any means trying to encourage political sex scandals in ANY gender – but it happens in human nature at times. Zaino points out some interesting statistics in the article about men and women in regards to sexting, gender roles, and brings up the ‘glass ceiling’ factor. Just thought it would be a good read for everyone who follows this blog and I really agree with everything she states in the article. Just some food for thought for the evening everyone!


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