Weekly Update

'It's only a sin if you talk about it...'
‘It’s only a sin if you talk about it…’

Not exactly a political sex  scandal comic but I saw this while browsing through the internet today and it made me think. I talk about political sex scandals and constantly tag articles and pictures…all of it is open for the public to know. But would we be better off not knowing about the political sex scandals? Or do you think it’s good when the scandals are revealed because it gets a corrupt person out of office? I think that depends on if you couldn’t care less about a politician’s personal endeavors and just focused on if they can get their job done politically…or if you feel that a politician with a scandal makes them corrupt all around. An apology after all from a politician with a sex scandal is admitting to and regretting a ‘sin.’ So if you don’t talk about it….does it really even matter or exist? Thought it would only be fitting to pose this question on a Sunday.


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