Shout Out

Hello fellow blog readers – this post is going out to another blogger who I tip my hat to! Brandon Hall, a blogger from Michigan, got news out of quite a big story in July 2015. Remember when I covered the story of Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser…typical affair…tried to cover it up with a story about Courser and a gay prostitute…well Brandon Hall decided to cover this too. According to Fox 17 Online, Hall posted a story containing the email from Rep. Courser asking staffers to say he was having sex with a gay prostitute. Brandon Hall got a lot of heat from this – counting he was the first person to leak this info on his blog. So Hall let the cat out of the bag…but was actually in good standing with Todd Courser. But he had to post this because he knew Courser wasn’t doing the right thing. Fox 17 Online also reported Hall saying, “When they are in a significant position of power and they aren’t doing right by the people they represent, in this case the constituents of these state house districts, and you have a reasonable knowledge of what’s going on, you should speak out.” Kudos to you, Brandon Hall. May your blog live long and prosper. giphy


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