Two Scandals – One Politician

Vito Fossella, a Republican representative from Staten Island, landed in a bit of a ditch of a situatio19_vito_lgln in May of 2008. According to NY Times, Fossella was arrested for drunk driving. Something I have more than political sex scandals? Drunk driving. So this politician decides to issue a statement. But it wasn’t just an apology that came out. Fossella admitted to having an affair with a woman by the name of Laura Fay. That isn’t where it stops. Fossella and Fay had a child together who was 3 years old at the time. I tried finding videos of this clip but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I read a couple comments on articles here and there saying that the wife’s face looks incredibly pained – clueless of the affair. What made this story unique is that at the time, he was the only Republic representative in New York City. So what happened? According to NY Daily News, he was forced out of office shortly after in 2008 in “disgrace.”


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