Wu(t) are You Doing?

David Wu (see what I did there with the title of this blog? Please laugh I thought it was funny), an Oregon democratic representative was caught in a scandal. Go figure. B28592_article_fullut first…I need to make note of this. According to The Week, Wu was caught in a tiger outfit in 2011. Wu’s staff members were a bit concerned about the mental st
ability of Wu for a while and then he sent this photo to all of them…well. Yeah. A bit odd. But maybe the man just was trying to be funny? You’re a bit too old for that, Wu. Well the weirdness continued in July of 2011 when he engaged in aggressive sexual behavior with a young woman according to CBS News. USA Today reported that the assault was against an 18 year-old daughter of a friend. He ended up resigning shortly after due to the allegations. TTFN, ta ta for now, Wu.


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