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nate_beeler_anthony weiner

Anthony Weiner (what a name) was caught pants down back in 2011 according to a little blue bird. A photo was sent to a female college student on Twitter, but was shortly deleted after claiming it was a “hack.” So what kind of photo? Well, a waist down photo. I would post a picture of it but to be honest it’s a bulge not worth posting about here. But even more photos were sent to another woman later that month. According to Politico, Weiner finally admitted to the waist down photo and also inappropriate exchanges with six women. But Weiner refused the thought of stepping down because of this. The Democratic party isn’t really having it either. Just a few days later Weiner makes the decision to resign. So how is he doing now? According to NY Post, he was caught a year later with a sexting scandal on his hands in 2013. He even used a fake name – Carlos Danger. Weiner…Danger…I can’t handle these last names. Good Lord. Lol’ing.


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