Golfing Trip

Okay so this political sex scandal didn’t just involve one politician…but three. Thomas Evans, a representative of Delaware decided to go on a golfing trip with two other congress members – Dan Quayle of Indiana and Tom Railsback of Illinois. This little golfing trip happened in 1980 and Evans was accompanied with then Washington Lobbyist, Paula Parkinson (picture below). No biggie? Well Paula Parkinson had later posed for Playboy Magazine. After this little 3878391golfing trip, Washington Post says that Evans, Quayle, and Railsback all voted against federal crop-insurance legislation. This was something Parkinson had been lobbying against – coincidence? People started to ask questions. What happened on that golfing trip…did this happen in exchange for sex? All the congressmen denied her being an influence on their votes. There were rumors of a sex tape orgy being tossed around according to Washington Post but the case was dropped after lack of evidence. The people didn’t forget this though. Both Railsback and Evans lost reelection in 1982 but Quayle survived. Dan Quayle ended up becoming the VP to George H. W. Bush because of support from his wife. According to Zimbio, Quayle’s wife responded to the accusations about him saying, “Anybody who knows Dan Quayle, knows he’d rather play golf than have sex any day.” LOL. Good backhanded answer.


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