In the Bathroom

Why do the sex scandals always happen in the bathroom? Not exactly a sexual setting…but to many it is just the perfect place to be scandalous. Jon Hinson, a Mississippi representative in the late 70s to the early 80s, was caught in the act or oral sex on a male employee of the Library of Congress according to Zimbio. But let’s get a little back story here. Prior to this sodomy charge, Hinson had admitted back in 1976 that he had been arrested for exposing himself to an undercover cop at the Marine Corps War Memorial according to Downfall Dictionary. Anyways…that wasn’t where it stopped. He also admitted to surviving a fire – at a pornographic cinema called Cinema Follies. But throughout all of this…he still claimed he was straight and happily married. He ended up winning the 1980 reelection bid after those two cases but the oral sex act in the bathroom led to his downfall in 1981. Hinson resigned, divorced, and came out about his sexuality. Hinson then became a gay-rights activist after his political career ended but sadly passed away in 1995 due AIDS giving him a respiratory failure according to  NY Times.


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