A Bitter Downfall

Howdy everyone – today I am going to try to keep it pretty compact with this post but I am going to cover the scandal of Gary Hart in 1988. At the time he was the Democratic candidate for the presidential election. According to NY Times, Hart was pulling in 50% of the registered voters and was beating George H. W. Bush by 13 points. Hart had it in the bag basically but he
gary-hart-donna-ricemet his downfall. According to Washington Post, Miami Herald staked out Hart’s townhouse – reporting that he (a married man) spent the night with then model Donna Rice. A picture of Hart and Rice was made public, showing Rice sitting on his lap (picture to the right). They had taken a little cruise together on a yacht called “Monkey Business” which is written on his shirt in the picture. He was losing support quickly after this and ended up withdrawing from the presidential race. Now when I was researching all of this I found countless articles that were named along the lines of, “How Hart’s Scandal Changed Politics” or “Ruined Politics.” According to Politico, this was the first political sex scandal during the satellite age. From here out…basically every politician’s background gets picked apart by the media and the public.


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