Democrats vs. Republicans Poll

Howdy everyone! Today I am coming to you with a poll as I promised for this week. I have been asking here and there for the past couple weeks about political parties in regards to sex scandals. I have been doing some personal research and wanted to get a general idea of what the public thinks about political sex scandals according to the parties. I asked 5 female and 5 male college students between the ages of 18-14 to answer my polls. So the first question I asked was, “Which political party has more known sex scandals?” Here are their answers. (Click to enlarge photos)download

Okay so one of the poll participants meant to put “Republican” as her response but accidentally turned it in before doing so. The results technically for this then came out half and half. 50% of the participants said Republicans had more known sex scandals and 50% said Democrats had more known sex scandals. I actually was not expecting this to come out so even. According to all of my research (The Daily Beast, QuoraSodahead,The Daily Beast (again)) most fingers point to the Republican party. However, this does not account for how many sex scandals happen on both political parties that aren’t accounted for – hence why I made the question “known” sex scandals. But another interesting note is that certain types of sex scandals are more prominent in certain parties. According to The Daily Beast, “Republicans have more scandals (35 to 28), but Democrats have bigger ones, based on our methodology (13 out of the top 20). Democrats tend to have more problems with harassment, staffers, and underage girls; Republicans tend to have more problems with prostitutes, hypocrisy, and underage boys.” Interesting? I think so. The next question I asked was, “Why do you think this is the case?” I wanted to hear their reasoning and got some pretty interesting responses. (Click to enlarge photos)download (1)

download (2)

First I want to laugh a little bit at some of these responses. The anger that kinda just busted out of some of these participants from this question was very amusing. Some did do the research to find the correct answer (Republicans for the most part). Others pointed out democrats because they thought of the Clinton case or Kennedy case. That coincides with that statement I made earlier that Democrats do have the bigger sex scandals. Some said Republican because they feel that the party is known to be “in the spotlight” and “looking good” to the public or are “privileged white men.” Another person brought up how Democrats may have a lack of religion in their party and that is why they have more sex scandals. I mostly asked this for an amusement factor because the reasoning for why there are more political sex scandals in one party vs. another party is all relative. But the most interesting part of this poll came from my final question – “What political party do you classify with?” Here are the results. (Click to enlarge photos)

download (3)

download (4)

See a pattern here? Other than the snarky little response from one of my male participants saying, “Whatever I’m feeling that day,” I was expecting people to say blame the opposite party of their own for the most known political scandals. Well that happened here. Every single person who voted put the opposite of their own political party for political sex scandals. What does this say here? Many don’t like to think their own party is a at fault of something. One of my participants even said it in the last question – “I’m sure there are plenty of Republican sex scandals, I just am not as aware of them since as a Republican, I tend to be oblivious to the faults of my own party.” Hit the nail on the head. I hope this poll amused you just as much as it did me. So what are your thought? Want to give me your opinion? Feel free to let me know. Have a happy Tuesday!

If you want more info on these polls – click here.


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