Oh the Irony

Please watch the video above and then let’s get started.

As you can see in the video, this is former congressman Mark Souder of Indiana discussing the pros of abstinence with his staffer, Tracy Jackson in 2010. Souder felt very strongly about abstinence and “family values” according to The Guardian. So…what’s wrong with that? Well you are on a political sex scandal blog and ought to know how this story goes. Mark Souder admitted to having an affair and ended up resigning because of this according to Huffington Post. So what makes this story so special? The lady in the video above, Tracy Jackson, was the mistress. So let’s take it back to this little video real quick. It’s a PSA basically about the abstaining from sex until marriage – with the woman he is having an affair with in office. Oh. The. Irony. I guess he was preaching so hard because he was making up for his own “sins.” Think with your brain Souder, not with your….well, you get the idea.


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