Different Views

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I have a short video to share with all of you today so check it out below.

So I kinda just YouTube’d “Political Sex Scandal” just to see what information would come up because I’m bored at work and wanted to watch some videos. Well this one was put on by BreakThruRadioTV which covers all sorts of different topics each week. This video was taken back in 2011 in NYC and I like it because it asks people about something that pertains to my blog here. Host Lauren Hawker says she wants to ask everyone about recent political sex scandals, their thoughts on them being in the public eye, and how they should conduct themselves. There is a series of different viewpoints and I want to point a couple of them. A couple of the people make statements along the lines of the politician wanting this position of power because they are power hungry and want to push the limits. But another man countered it by saying it’s a part of nature…men will be men and they aren’t perfect. Interesting. I mean I don’t necessarily agree with the classic statement “men will be men” as an excuse for their actions. No, it’s not human nature in being a man. Okay let me unruffle my feathers and continue to the last statement made in this video. The woman states that she doesn’t like to delve into private lives of politicians but if there is dishonesty in a person…it should be known because that is someone being voted for in office. I like that woman, give her a gold medal. I just thought there were some interesting points made in this video and wanted to share this will y’all. Thoughts? Agree or disagree with any statements? Feel free to express yo-self.


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