One Big Secret

Strom Thurmbond, a former senator with very pro-segregationist views, passed away back in June of 2003 at the age of 100 according to CNN. But Thurmbond had kept a secret that he brought to the grave. It was only months later after his death that someone else came out of the shadows to release that secret. Essie Mae Washington-Williams, pictured below, was the one to speak up about Thurmbond’s secret. 2013-02-05T030840Z_1_CBRE91408QV00_RTROPTP_3_PEOPLE-THURMONDSo why did this woman speak up? This is Strom Thurmbond’s daughter. The pro-segregationist senator had a child out of wedlock with an African American woman. The secret would have destroyed Thurmbond’s political career and that is why Essie stayed quiet all these years. Her mother was a house maid for Thurmbond and wasn’t introduced to her as her father until the age of 16 according to Zimbio. But Thurmbond was a good father according to Essie and he supported her and her mother throughout all of it. I hate hypocrites but I am thankful that he at least took care of her all her life. Essie passed away in February of 2013 according to The New Yorker.


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