Weekly Update

So just a heads up – I got a little behind on my polls last week and will be posting 2 of them this week so keep and eye out for those. But today my heart is incredibly heavy. I don’t want to cover another political sex scandal…there has been a tragedy this weekend and I don’t think we need to hear about any more sex scandals today. The attacks in Paris this past Friday have sent ripples of shock, anger, and sadness all over the world. There is so much hate and anger and I feel in my gut that this terrorist attack is going to change everything over in Europe. Please keep those in Paris in your thoughts this week and show support in any way possible. As Lady Liberty cries, we must hold her torch high and support her. I found this picture on Pinterest this morning and I really wanted to share it with all of you. da7b2785dee361de339eeadbf81f1ddd



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