It’s Just a Massage…

Howdy everyone – we’re going to start off this week with a classic sex scandal. Randall L. Tobias, deputy secretary of state for foreign aid resigned back in April of 2007 out of the blue according to Washington Post. So here we go again…what caused this to happen? According to Slate, Tobias was called into question by ABC news about his use of escort services. Just a little questioning and boom – he’s outta there. After the resigning, it came to surface that he used the escort services just to get massages, not sex. NBC News reported that Deborah Jean Palfrey, the woman who ran the “escort” services Tobias used has claimed that it is not prostitution. She just has college aged women do sexual game-playing and get paid $270 for a 90 minutes session according to Washington Post. Okay so…please explain to me how exactly that’s legal? How do you know your clients aren’t doing more than just sexual games? What if sexual games = sex for some of them? I don’t get it. So what makes this story so hypocritical? Boston reported that Tobias supported policies that didn’t allow US overseas organizations to aid prostitutes. So…it’s only okay if you support prostitution, Tobias? Guess again.

It’s just a massage…

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