Payment for Silence?

Came upon this scandal today and needed to share – Don Sherwood, a representative back in 2006, had quite the scandal shake up the state of Pennsylvania. In 2004, police were called to Sherwood’s home in DC because of a 911 call according to Zimbio. Cynthia Ore was the lady calling for help while locked in the bathroom – hiding from Sherwood. Why? Zimbio reported that she was calling because Sherwood had knocked her around and tried to choke her. Post-Gazette reported that Cynthia Ore and Don Sherwood had a 5 year affair going on when this incident happened. But no charges were made because neither of them really wanted to speak up about details. Zimbio reported that the case ended with Ore getting $500,000, but there was a catch. That money would be taken away if she spoke up about what happened…and she would only get half the money until after the re-election. This news had gotten out around this time in 2006 and Sherwood was going up against representative Chris Carney. According to Fox News, Sherwood made this statement in regards to voters hearing about his situation with Ore: “Obviously, it had some effect on the primary, but people know me pretty well and they know how hard I work. . .I’ve apologized to my family, and the voters, but now I think we need to get beyond that and work at the things that are important to the 10th District.” So what happened? According to Zimbio, Carney won the vote by a margin of 53% to 47%. I guess the population didn’t really want to look past your physical abuse case, Sherwood.

What popped up when I searched “Don Sherwood”….

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