Poll – Around the World

Howdy everyone! Today I am coming at you with an interesting little poll. So a while back I discussed how political sex scandals are portrayed in other countries…and how often times they aren’t as “idolized.” So I wanted to see what other thought about political sex scandals in other countries. I received answers from 10 college aged students – 5 men and 5 women. The first question I asked was “Do you think political sex scandals that occur in other countries are publicized just as much as political sex scandals in the U.S.?” I figured the answers would mostly be “No” since that is the conclusion I have come to in my findings and YouTube video searching. So here are the results! ATW Pic 1

So one person skipped this question but meant to put “No” (I had to ask him) so the answers – 2 Yes and 8 No. So the answers came out how I predicted! The next question gets more to the reasoning behind these answers from my participants. The next question I asked was, “Why do you think this is the case?” Here are the results.

ATW pic 2

ATW pic 3

Okay so almost all of these answers are very relevant. The big one being that America has a big focus on media/gossip. Another important point someone brought up was that we are more focused on the issues here than overseas. In regards to political sex scandals…I agree with this statement. Americans often are oblivious to worldly news or we are just incredibly bias to what we focus on in other countries. So my final question was to kinda point that out. I asked, “Can you think of a political sex scandal in another country?” Here are the results.

ATW pic 4

ATW pic 5

So only two people could think of a political sex scandal in another country…and those were the two people who said “Yes” to the first question. So what are your thoughts about this poll? Agree or disagree with anyone? Wanna add your two cents? Feel free to reach out! That’s all for today, folks.

You can find more info about these polls here.


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