They DO Exist!

Okay so in my poll earlier it was discussing political sex scandals in other countries…apparently not many come to mind according to my poll sample. So I decided to go on YouTube to find a little example of one. DING DING DING I found one so click on the link below (since WordPress changed its settings and WON’T LET ME POST THE VIDEO ON HERE).


Basically I’m bringing up this political sex scandal to show you all how one is portrayed in other countries. It’s put on social media…there’s a lot of people following it…private videos of the people are being blasted on live TV…it’s media. Media exists in other countries outside the US and will blast a political sex scandal just as much as much as they are here in America. How people handle it may or may not be different because of culture differences or the importance of them. I find that America is truly just oblivious of other countries and their issues because we are so focused on ourselves here. But that may be the case in other countries.


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