Weekly Update

I don’t have a funny comic for this week again…and okay okay I only delivered one poll this week…I had a job interview in Dallas and am PRAYING TO ALL HEAVENS that I get it! Hence the missing poll. But look forward to it! This will be my last week of blogging and a part of me is really actually sad. It’s been difficult to keep up with these little blogs but I have enjoyed getting more info on these political sex scandals…always something to talk about here! So this last week I am going to cover my last poll about politicians keeping their positions after having sex scandals. I am also going to cover a few more sex scandals here and there throughout the years – but I will NOT cover Clinton. It’s overdone and I’m pretty tired of hearing about Clinton (Mr. or Mrs.). Well I hope everyone has a great week and look forward to checking up with my final week! And happy early thanksgiving!!



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