Quick to Resign

Edward L. Schrock, former representative of Virginia, was a very supported by his state in being a leading politician – especially in regards to being opposed to gay rights. Shrock held a 92% approval rating from the Christian Coalition and a 0% rating from the Human Rights Campaign. He was a well liked maed schrockn…until his hypocrisy  came floating up to the surface. Schrock dropped from the race for re-election out of nowhere in August of 2004 and many wondered what was go
ing on with the famous polit
ician.  According to Washington Post, his drop from the race happened because of a gay activist claimed on his website that Schrock was secretly gay. WP also reports that he was caught on tape using a men’s telephone service for…meeting other men and whatnot. I have tried bu failed to find the actual website where this audio link was posted and the original article by the gay rights activist, Michael Rogers. Schrock resigned as what seemed to just be a quick runaway from the accusations. Another one bites the dust due to hypocrisy.


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