What the Buz

Howdy everyone! I am going to start of this final week with a classic political sex scandal. Donald “Buz” Lukens, a Representative from Ohio, had a couple of hiccups in his career – especially in 1990. Here is a couple of points I have found about his history according to Downfall Dictionary:

  • Investigated in 1954 for child molestation in 1954
  • 1989 dealt with a misdemeanor charge – contributed to unruliness and delinquency of a child
  • A mother heard about her daughter’s sexual encounters with Lukens at age 13 and 16 by overhearing her daughter talking to a friend
  • Lukens denied knowing the girl was underage
  • A trial broke out from this and although the daughter admitted to lying about her age…he laughed it off and said she wasn’t that old and continued to have sexual encounters with her – she got gifts in return

So..quite a bit on Lukens plate – and the courts had enough of it. He resigned from office in Fall of 1990. But just days before the resignation, he was accused of fondling a woman in the elevator. I mean with a history like that…who wouldn’t be buzzing about it?


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