The Final Poll

WOOHOO!!! We have reached my final poll for this blog and I am going to keep it kinda simple because it’s Thanksgiving and I am ready to pass out from eating too much turkey. So as you all have probably seen in my past blog posts…I get pretty irritated when I see a politician still sitting pretty in office when they have had a pretty bad political sex scandal. So I wanted to see how others felt about it and get their viewpoints. I had 10 college aged females participate in this poll. The first question I asked was, “Can you think of someone currently in office who has had a political sex scandal?” Here are the results:

final poll 1

final poll 2

Okay so I mostly asked this questions just to jog the memory of these participants in preparation for the next section. Only 3 out of 10 participants could think of someone off the top of their head currently in office with a political sex scandal. It’s more than what I was expecting…I thought only one person would say yes. But this is still a small amount. The next question I asked was, “Are you okay with a politician keeping his/her position if they have had a political sex scandal?” Here are the results:

final poll 3

I didn’t really know what to expect for this answer but I felt depends would be a bigger vote because people see some sex scandals as a bigger deal than others – it’s situational. But there were more hard no’s than yeses. Keep that in mind for the discussion of the next poll question. The last question I answered was, “Explain your reasoning” in regards to the question above. Here are the results:

final poll 4

final poll 5.png

Okay so the “it depends” reasoning mostly came down to their personal life being separate from their political life. Mistakes happen and apparently…there’s different levels of political sex scandals that could change someone’s opinion on them leading. The one answer that intrigued me was how one participant stated rape or anything along those lines would make her feel uncomfortable having that politician in office. But if it’s something “minor” then no biggie really. So cheating on your husband/wife is just a minor issue…I get the point but the wording just feels off. Anyways, It’s interesting how many people really just find it situational and how the person’s personal life shouldn’t hurt their ability to lead others in politics. The one person who did say no made the point I have brought up in previous blog posts. Politicians are leaders and if they aren’t leading an honest life personally…why should they be holding that position of power?

That’s all I have for today, folks. Questions? Wanna make a different point? Feel free to reach out to me! Happy Turkey Day everyone!

For more info on these polls – click here.


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