A Final Video

Happy Saturday everybody! I have been searching on the internet for a video that could relate to much of what I have talked about on this blog…and I found a short little clip called, “Is the Political Sex Scandal Dead?” Check it out below.


So this video is basically talking about political sex scandals and how forgiveness seems to be a bigger thing now – politicians don’t always have to resign after a scandal…in fact, they can run again for re-election. But when I watched this, I wondered if it’s a forgiveness thing…or people simply just don’t care anymore. I always end up checking out the comments on YouTube videos and went through a bunch of the ones on this clip. Many people are basically saying “good riddance” to caring about what a politician does in his/her personal time. Has our population progressed and become more understanding? Or have we lost a sense of morality? Lord knows the people who were commenting on this video clip but I still found that interesting. So what do you think? Let me know.


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