Last Update

Howdy everyone! Today is my last weekly update for good…I’m actually pretty sad. I have really enjoyed covering these political sex scandals over the past couple months, and am actually surprised I even had people check out this blog. Some of my general thoughts after doing this blog this semester:

  • The US has WAY MORE political sex scandals than I expected
  • People will do whatever it takes to keep their hands looking clean
  • Humans are all sorts of screwed up…BUT there is good out there still in the political world – I just didn’t cover that part
  • Polls are difficult to conduct but give so much insight

The one thing I loved about this blog was being able to conduct my own polls. That really opened my eyes to a lot of differing opinions from people my own age and I got some perspective. So my last question to all of you – what was your favorite part of this blog? Did you have a favorite post? What poll did you like? Although I won’t be blogging anymore – I will still gladly respond to any questions or comments you have for me. That’s all I have for today and forever – so long everybody!


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