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Howdy everyone! Today I am coming at you with an interesting little poll. So a while back I discussed how political sex scandals are portrayed in other countries…and how often times they aren’t as “idolized.” So I wanted to see what other thought about political sex scandals in other countries. I received answers from 10 college aged students – 5 men and 5 women. The first question I asked was “Do you think political sex scandals that occur in other countries are publicized just as much as political sex scandals in the U.S.?” I figured the answers would mostly be “No” since that is the conclusion I have come to in my findings and YouTube video searching. So here are the results! ATW Pic 1

So one person skipped this question but meant to put “No” (I had to ask him) so the answers – 2 Yes and 8 No. So the answers came out how I predicted! The next question gets more to the reasoning behind these answers from my participants. The next question I asked was, “Why do you think this is the case?” Here are the results.

ATW pic 2

ATW pic 3

Okay so almost all of these answers are very relevant. The big one being that America has a big focus on media/gossip. Another important point someone brought up was that we are more focused on the issues here than overseas. In regards to political sex scandals…I agree with this statement. Americans often are oblivious to worldly news or we are just incredibly bias to what we focus on in other countries. So my final question was to kinda point that out. I asked, “Can you think of a political sex scandal in another country?” Here are the results.

ATW pic 4

ATW pic 5

So only two people could think of a political sex scandal in another country…and those were the two people who said “Yes” to the first question. So what are your thoughts about this poll? Agree or disagree with anyone? Wanna add your two cents? Feel free to reach out! That’s all for today, folks.

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Payment for Silence?

Came upon this scandal today and needed to share – Don Sherwood, a representative back in 2006, had quite the scandal shake up the state of Pennsylvania. In 2004, police were called to Sherwood’s home in DC because of a 911 call according to Zimbio. Cynthia Ore was the lady calling for help while locked in the bathroom – hiding from Sherwood. Why? Zimbio reported that she was calling because Sherwood had knocked her around and tried to choke her. Post-Gazette reported that Cynthia Ore and Don Sherwood had a 5 year affair going on when this incident happened. But no charges were made because neither of them really wanted to speak up about details. Zimbio reported that the case ended with Ore getting $500,000, but there was a catch. That money would be taken away if she spoke up about what happened…and she would only get half the money until after the re-election. This news had gotten out around this time in 2006 and Sherwood was going up against representative Chris Carney. According to Fox News, Sherwood made this statement in regards to voters hearing about his situation with Ore: “Obviously, it had some effect on the primary, but people know me pretty well and they know how hard I work. . .I’ve apologized to my family, and the voters, but now I think we need to get beyond that and work at the things that are important to the 10th District.” So what happened? According to Zimbio, Carney won the vote by a margin of 53% to 47%. I guess the population didn’t really want to look past your physical abuse case, Sherwood.

What popped up when I searched “Don Sherwood”….

It’s Just a Massage…

Howdy everyone – we’re going to start off this week with a classic sex scandal. Randall L. Tobias, deputy secretary of state for foreign aid resigned back in April of 2007 out of the blue according to Washington Post. So here we go again…what caused this to happen? According to Slate, Tobias was called into question by ABC news about his use of escort services. Just a little questioning and boom – he’s outta there. After the resigning, it came to surface that he used the escort services just to get massages, not sex. NBC News reported that Deborah Jean Palfrey, the woman who ran the “escort” services Tobias used has claimed that it is not prostitution. She just has college aged women do sexual game-playing and get paid $270 for a 90 minutes session according to Washington Post. Okay so…please explain to me how exactly that’s legal? How do you know your clients aren’t doing more than just sexual games? What if sexual games = sex for some of them? I don’t get it. So what makes this story so hypocritical? Boston reported that Tobias supported policies that didn’t allow US overseas organizations to aid prostitutes. So…it’s only okay if you support prostitution, Tobias? Guess again.

It’s just a massage…

Weekly Update

So just a heads up – I got a little behind on my polls last week and will be posting 2 of them this week so keep and eye out for those. But today my heart is incredibly heavy. I don’t want to cover another political sex scandal…there has been a tragedy this weekend and I don’t think we need to hear about any more sex scandals today. The attacks in Paris this past Friday have sent ripples of shock, anger, and sadness all over the world. There is so much hate and anger and I feel in my gut that this terrorist attack is going to change everything over in Europe. Please keep those in Paris in your thoughts this week and show support in any way possible. As Lady Liberty cries, we must hold her torch high and support her. I found this picture on Pinterest this morning and I really wanted to share it with all of you. da7b2785dee361de339eeadbf81f1ddd


One Big Secret

Strom Thurmbond, a former senator with very pro-segregationist views, passed away back in June of 2003 at the age of 100 according to CNN. But Thurmbond had kept a secret that he brought to the grave. It was only months later after his death that someone else came out of the shadows to release that secret. Essie Mae Washington-Williams, pictured below, was the one to speak up about Thurmbond’s secret. 2013-02-05T030840Z_1_CBRE91408QV00_RTROPTP_3_PEOPLE-THURMONDSo why did this woman speak up? This is Strom Thurmbond’s daughter. The pro-segregationist senator had a child out of wedlock with an African American woman. The secret would have destroyed Thurmbond’s political career and that is why Essie stayed quiet all these years. Her mother was a house maid for Thurmbond and wasn’t introduced to her as her father until the age of 16 according to Zimbio. But Thurmbond was a good father according to Essie and he supported her and her mother throughout all of it. I hate hypocrites but I am thankful that he at least took care of her all her life. Essie passed away in February of 2013 according to The New Yorker.

Different Views

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I have a short video to share with all of you today so check it out below.

So I kinda just YouTube’d “Political Sex Scandal” just to see what information would come up because I’m bored at work and wanted to watch some videos. Well this one was put on by BreakThruRadioTV which covers all sorts of different topics each week. This video was taken back in 2011 in NYC and I like it because it asks people about something that pertains to my blog here. Host Lauren Hawker says she wants to ask everyone about recent political sex scandals, their thoughts on them being in the public eye, and how they should conduct themselves. There is a series of different viewpoints and I want to point a couple of them. A couple of the people make statements along the lines of the politician wanting this position of power because they are power hungry and want to push the limits. But another man countered it by saying it’s a part of nature…men will be men and they aren’t perfect. Interesting. I mean I don’t necessarily agree with the classic statement “men will be men” as an excuse for their actions. No, it’s not human nature in being a man. Okay let me unruffle my feathers and continue to the last statement made in this video. The woman states that she doesn’t like to delve into private lives of politicians but if there is dishonesty in a person…it should be known because that is someone being voted for in office. I like that woman, give her a gold medal. I just thought there were some interesting points made in this video and wanted to share this will y’all. Thoughts? Agree or disagree with any statements? Feel free to express yo-self.

Oh the Irony

Please watch the video above and then let’s get started.

As you can see in the video, this is former congressman Mark Souder of Indiana discussing the pros of abstinence with his staffer, Tracy Jackson in 2010. Souder felt very strongly about abstinence and “family values” according to The Guardian. So…what’s wrong with that? Well you are on a political sex scandal blog and ought to know how this story goes. Mark Souder admitted to having an affair and ended up resigning because of this according to Huffington Post. So what makes this story so special? The lady in the video above, Tracy Jackson, was the mistress. So let’s take it back to this little video real quick. It’s a PSA basically about the abstaining from sex until marriage – with the woman he is having an affair with in office. Oh. The. Irony. I guess he was preaching so hard because he was making up for his own “sins.” Think with your brain Souder, not with your….well, you get the idea.